Velour mattress:

Valor is a type of fabric with a long pile. Through this, the fabric surface feels very soft and plush and has a velvety gloss. As a pile, loose fibers are used in textile technology that is perpendicular to the surface. The pile originates from the fact that the loosely woven thread loops are cut open after weaving. As a result, these are from the tissue surface.

The backing fabric can be woven in linen or twill weaves. Velour fabric is not to be confused with suede, also known as suede leather. The fine rough leather is lightly sanded on the grain side, which makes it velvety. For skins are processed, in which the rough leather is already different in the material of velour. The use of rough leather goes from shoes, clothing, and upholstered furniture to car upholstery. We do not only find suede in clothing, but also as a material for carpets and floor mats as well as for mattresses. Velour carpets are made like loop carpets. Buy velour mattress from bestmattress-brand.

By cutting the loops at the end, the velvety surface of the floor carpets is created. This ensures that they are soft yet durable.

Valor is especially fluffy compared to similar fabrics like velvet because the pile is made of long fibers. Otherwise, the manufacturing process for velvet and color is identical. Depending on the type of fiber, velour fabrics are called cotton velour’s or polyester velour’s. If the fibers are set up with the aid of a diluting machine, this is called for fleece or needle fleece.

In everyday language, the word together with the terms velvet and plush are often used interchangeably, so we want to focus on the differences between the different substances:


Velvet, also called Sammet, has sliced ​​fiber loops like velour. However, the pile is only two to three millimeters long, so the surface feels rather smooth than fluffy. Typical for velvet is the slightly rough surface and the fine shine. Velvet is mostly made of cotton or synthetic fibers.