Double latex mattress:

Although many models of mattresses have arrived on the market, those with springs are still the most used today. The weight of the body is sustained thanks to the helical springs which support the body throughout the night. The most modern models, however, are very different from the first spring mattresses. In fact, in modern double mattress springs, each of these is bagged and independent from the others.

This new and revolutionary method means that the springs do not jump out of the mattress, as was the case once and the wear on the springs themselves is reduced. In addition, it is quite common to use memory foam or latex plate on top of the spring mattress depending on the preferences of each one. Attention to those who try to sell you mattresses with more springs passing them off as more comfortable, because this is not always true.

Double latex mattress:

What made the latex mattresses (synthetic or natural) famous were their orthopedic properties. In fact, the gum of which this material is made supports our spinal column like no other, shaping itself gently around it. In fact, these mattresses are the most used among people who suffer from back pain, stiff neck, joint pain or circulation problems.

Among the advantages that we can include for latex double mattresses, there is certainly, therefore, the excellent support they offer to our body, which is very similar to that offered by the memory foam that we will see shortly. What differentiates latex from memory, however, is the fact of offering the body a boost upwards that helps maintain greater support.

Among the disadvantages that we can find in latex double mattresses, we have instead of the fact that generally, the latex mattress is more rigid than others. So if you don’t particularly like this type of mattress, you will hardly be able to fall in love with it.

Our advice is to buy a mattress or a latex plate if you have back problems, it will certainly offer you better than any other support and comfort.

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